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After thirteen years of ancestor-hunting, real excitement seldom happens any more, but today it did, in spadeloads. ┬áTake a look at this photo…

INCH family1

It was sent to me two or three years ago by a Scottish cousin now in Canada, but it was only today that I properly looked at it. After exchanges of emails with my cousin, we established for certain that the young girl, second from the left, is my lost aunt Christina!! We believe the photo was taken in Clydebank in 1911 at the wedding of the two people on either end of the group, Jack YOUNG and Polly INCH, my cousin’s grandparents.

The goddesses of genealogy heard my prayer and delivered my dearest wish – to see what my lost aunt actually looked like. It’s almost certain that at this date, Christina believed she was the youngest child of my great-grandparents Robert INCH and his wife Cecilia WILLIAMSON… and there they are too, the older couple in the middle of the group, aged 56 and 53. This is the first time I’ve set eyes on them too.

So from left to right, the people we see are: Jack (John Donald) YOUNG, Christina INCH (or JEFFREY) aged 9, Johnny (John Bennett) INCH, Cecilia (Williamson) INCH, Robert INCH, Tom (Thomas Williamson) INCH and Polly (Mary) INCH – my granny Cecilia’s family, none of whom I had seen before, and I can’t stop looking at them, with a big smile on my face.


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